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.in 499.00/yr 499.00/yr 449.00/yr
.com 849.00/yr 849.00/yr 799.00/yr
.co.in 399.00/yr 399.00/yr 399.00/yr
.net 899.00 /yr 899.00 /yr 899.00 /yr
.org 999.00/yr 999.00/yr 999.00/yr
.biz 1699.00/yr 1699.00/yr 1699.00/yr
.info 1699.00/yr 1699.00/yr 1699.00/yr
.co 2,499.00/yr 2,499.00/yr 1,999.00/yr
.net.in 399.00/yr 399.00/yr 399.00/yr
.us 569.00/yr 569.00/yr 559.00/yr
.ind.in 399.00/yr 399.00/yr 399.00/yr
.gen.in 399.00/yr 399.00/yr 399.00/yr
.name 649.00/yr 649.00/yr 599.00/yr

Why buy your domain from iOrangehost?

Register your domain name with us and benefit from extensive features.

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Cheap Domain Names

Our domain pricing is fair and affordable; with no hidden catches. We offer some of the best value domain names on the market.

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Fast Domain Registration

We make buying a domain name simple. Use our search tool to quickly find your ideal domain; we’ll have you up and running in no time.

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Easy to use COntrol Panel

Our domain management control panel is one of the best in industry and it works like breeze and even a novice can manage his domain names easily.

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Domain Privacy

Your personal info remains private due to the GDPR. We also offer enhanced protection with our WHOIS Privacy Service addon.

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Anytime Renewal

You can choose to automatically renew your domain name; or extend your domain manually for 1-10 years via our client area at any time.

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Simplistic Management

Handle all aspects of domain management with our simple interface; easily manage contact information, nameservers, renewals & more.

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Trusted Provider

Thousands of customers trust us to register and renew their domain names; we have been in business since 2009.

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Extensive Support

Our UK support team are on hand to administer rapid assistance with your domain name queries, update contact details and more.

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Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden fees or charges; the price listed on our website is the price you pay. There is no extortionate pricing upon renewal.

Affordable domains with no hidden fees…

How To Buy Your Dream Domain

It’s quick and easy to choose a domain with Unlimited Web Hosting.

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Step 1: Search for a Domain

Use our domain finder to search for the right domain name for your project, client or business. It’s important to select a memorable domain so people easily recall your custom web address.

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Step 2: Check Availability

Our search tool will check to ensure your chosen name and domain extension are available. At this stage, you may want to check to ensure your chosen name is not trademarked.

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Step 3: Complete Your Order

Add your chosen domain to the basket and checkout. Don't forget choose a web hosting plan if you want to host your website and create personalised email addresses.

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Transfer domain names…

It’s quick and easy to transfer to Unlimited Web Hosting.

If you own multiple domains it can be a good idea to manage all of your domain name registrations with one registrar to make things easier to manage, ensure that you do not miss any renewals, and benefit from low-cost renewal each year.

It’s free to transfer .co.uk domains, and most other generic top-level domains can be moved over to us for a small transfer fee as shown in our domain pricing lissec-domain-pricet.

Domain Names FAQ

A domain name is a unique string of text that you can use to access a website, equivalent to a physical IP address. Usually, a domain is made up of a name and a domain extension. Our domain name is iOrangehost and our domain extension is .co.in.

A domain extension is the ending of a domain name, located after the last dot. The extension is often referred to as a TLD (top-level domain), a domain suffix or domain root.

There are a few different types of top-level domain extensions which include generic top-level domains (gTLD), sponsored top-level domains (sTLD) and country-code specific top-level domains (ccTLD). The different types of extensions have varying requirements, but a lot of these have been changed over recent years to allow companies to be more creative with branding and creating shorter names.

Websites normally have complex numerical IP addresses (eg. – but the domain name system (DNS) allows you to enter a readable and memorable domain name to route you to the website you are looking for. This process is known as a DNS lookup.

Anyone can register a domain name, providing the name is available – but there are a few restrictions on some domain extensions. You should also take into account other people’s copyright or trademarks when you register a new domain to ensure you are not infringing on anybody else’s rights.

Some domain extensions are restricted, for example, .ltd.uk domain names can only be registered by a limited company and the domain name must be an exact match to the company name held at companies house. If you have any queries regarding specific TLD restrictions, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

We recommend that where possible, you purchase the .co.uk and .com versions of your company or business website to ensure that nobody else becomes a “domain squatter” on your name. Many companies purchase multiple domain names to help protect their brand or trademark and ensure their business name remains secure online.

It’s easy to search the domain name database for an available domain. We provide a quick and easy domain name search which allows you to check for an available web address for your business or project. You can use our domain checker to buy an available domain name with no hidden charges.

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